Call for Abstracts

The Scientific Committee for the CEST 2020 invites authors to submit abstracts for presentation at the upcoming symposium
How to submit an abstract: Use the Login button at the top of the page.
Fill in the registration form and then upload your abstract. 
Restrictions: Each participant may upload 2 abstracts.
Maximal length of abstract is 1500 characters.
Abstract submission deadline: March 1, 2020
Notification of abstract acceptance: by March 15, 2020

Further information on full paper submission will be provided in the confirmation email that will be sent to you after reviewing your abstract. Should you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact as at


Call for papers

The Scientific Committee for the CEST 2020 invites authors to submit full paper for presentation at the upcoming symposium
How to submit full paper: Once your abstract is accepted, login to your account at symposium webpage. Go to My submissions and click on Detail of your accepted abstract. When uploading the full paper, you are required to upload Copyright form and agree with Terms and Conditions as well.
Guidelines for authors: It is extremely important for all authors to follow these guidelines so that the publishing of the proceedings is not delayed by problematic papers.
Please, use the Word template and follow the instructions given there.

Length of the paper must be between 4 and 6 pages. Shorter papers will be excluded from the proceedings. Longer papers may be submitted only after the consent of the Proceeding Editor(s).
Copyright form: With each submission of a paper, the corresponding author must print, sign, scan, and submit the license agreement as a PDF file. The following is needed to fill in:
   - Full title of the paper
   - All names of the authors
   - Signature of the corresponding author and date

If you plan to use copyrighted material in your paper, you must obtain permission to use it from the owner of the copyright and/or authors. In this case, please contact the Proceedings Editor(s) as soon as possible to make necessary arrangements. Regretfully, papers submitted without appropriate copyright permissions may be excluded from the proceedings without any opportunity to resubmit. Seeking copyright permission at that late stage can cause significant delay in publication which would be unfair to other authors in the proceedings.
Full paper submission deadline: by April 12, 2020
Notification of full paper acceptance: by May 24, 2020

Should you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact as at


Symposium Scope & Topics

The Central European Symposium on Thermophysics 2020 in Eger brings together physicists, materials engineers, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, environmental scientists, computer scientists, and mathematicians working in the multidisciplinary field of thermophysics.

CEST 2020 Sessions will cover wide range of research topics including but not limited to
Thermophysical properties and testing methods
Thermal performance, thermal insulation materials, PCM materials, composite materials
Hygrothermal behavior of materials, moisture related problems
Applications of temperature, humidity, moisture and other thermal measurements
Climate and weather applications
Applied thermal energy, heat transfer
Energy and environment, energy management, energy efficiency, cogeneration and trigeneration
Modern energy technologies and sources, energy storage, energy power, energy conversion
Internal combustion engines, electrical machines
Cooling systems, air conditioning
Hydro energy, fluid mechanics, nuclear energy, alternative energy, micro and nano-energetics


Important dates

March 1, 2020 Abstract submission deadline, Preliminary registration
March 15, 2020 Notification of abstract acceptance
April 12, 2020 Full paper submission
May 24, 2020 Notification of paper acceptance
June 7, 2020 The symposium fee payment deadline
September 02-04, 2020 Symposium